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We pride ourselves on being able to offer comprehensive monitoring solutions for various parameters related to energy, water, and environmental factors. Our advanced monitoring systems provide real-time data on a range of essential metrics, ensuring optimal efficiency and sustainability in your operations. Below, we highlight the diverse set of monitoring capabilities we offer:

Monitoring Room

Temperature Power Monitoring:

Our monitoring solutions include temperature power monitoring, which enables you to track and analyse temperature fluctuations and power consumption in your systems. This data helps identify energy inefficiencies and optimise energy usage.

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Outage and Energy Usage Monitoring:

We provide outage and energy usage monitoring to help you identify power outages, monitor energy usage patterns, and ensure uninterrupted operations. This information assists in improving energy management and reducing downtime.

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Energy Metering:

Our energy metering systems accurately measure energy consumption, allowing you to monitor and analyze energy usage patterns across your facilities. This data is instrumental in identifying energy-saving opportunities and optimizing resource allocation.


Humidity and Water Metering:

We offer humidity and water metering solutions to track and manage humidity levels and water usage in your environment. This data helps prevent moisture-related issues, optimise irrigation practices, and conserve water resources.

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pH Metering:

Our pH metering solutions enable you to monitor and maintain optimal pH levels in your water systems, such as irrigation or hydroponic setups. This ensures the ideal conditions for plant growth and maximizes agricultural productivity.


Gas Detection Metering:

We provide gas detection metering systems for monitoring and detecting the presence of hazardous gases in your environment. This capability enhances safety measures and enables timely response in case of gas leaks or potential risks.


Weather Metering:

Our weather metering solutions allow you to monitor various weather parameters, including temperature, humidity, wind speed, and more. This data aids in weather forecasting, optimising outdoor activities, and assessing environmental conditions.

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Particulate Metering:

We offer particulate metering solutions to measure and monitor the concentration of particulate matter in the air. This helps in assessing air quality and implementing necessary measures to mitigate pollution.


Bluetooth Food Pro Metering:

Our Bluetooth food pro metering systems are designed to monitor food safety parameters, such as temperature and humidity, during storage, transportation, or processing. This ensures compliance with food safety regulations and minimizes spoilage.


Energy Use, Phase, and Cost Metering:

We provide comprehensive metering solutions for monitoring energy usage, phase imbalances, and associated costs across your facilities. This enables effective energy management, cost optimization, and identification of potential energy-saving opportunities.


Leak Detection and Moisture Metering:

We offer leak detection and moisture metering solutions to identify and address water leaks, prevent water damage, and conserve water resources. This capability is particularly valuable in water-sensitive environments such as irrigation systems or building management.

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Oxygen Depletion Metering:

Our oxygen depletion metering systems monitor and ensure safe oxygen levels in confined spaces, preventing potential health hazards and ensuring a secure working environment.

Wind Turbines

Wind Info Metering:

Our wind info metering solutions provide real-time data on wind speed and direction, supporting various applications such as wind energy generation and outdoor activities.

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